The core of any wiki is its easy-to-follow category structure. Last Level is no exception to this, featuring several branching categories. Last Level's categories rely solely on the content pages of the wiki.

Adding in categories Edit

Though several categories have to be made for the wiki to stay organized, the categories featured on Last Level do have a standard of how they are to made. Categories created on Last Level should follow a pattern on design, featuring a similar string of text involving the category's name, keeping the present tense the wiki follows. This text is then followed by a basic help string telling the reader how to add in any page they feel is necessary for the category page. This text is usually formatted as:

To add a page to this category, append "'''<nowiki>[[Category:<categoryname>]]</nowiki>'''" to the bottom of the page.

The top of the category Tree Edit

The core category, as with most wikis, is its Browse category to which it is followed by content and projects. These categories are then broken up into smaller subcategories for the full content of the wiki. The content portion of the tree handles the actual content of the wiki such as files and articles, whereas the projects category handles content related specifically to Last Level.

Content categories Edit

Categories created for content namespaces are to feature the several aspects of gaming in general, or feature the specifics of series. Categories begin with basic and broad categories such as items, locations, characters, series, games, et cetera. From here, the categories are separated into their respective series or games. An example of such is in a characters category, the pages are then to be categorized into "[[Category:Characters who appear in <gamename>]]." This process is used in each of the other branches of the content category.

File categories Edit

Main article: Last Level:Images#Image categorizing

Files uploaded to Last Level should also include categories. This makes the files much easier to access for not only the readers who are looking for images from the wiki, but also those working through cleaning up the wiki.

Organizational categories Edit

The central category for Wiki organization sports the categories for the wiki's forums, templates, projects, and policies. The categories of these pages are nearly reliant on the administration of the wiki to be maintained.

Template categorization, while not necessarily as important as content categorization, is still an important part to keep the wiki clean and professional. Templates are to be categorized by their design and usage such as navboxes, infoboxes, userboxes, et cetera.

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