Every Sunday, a new piece of media will be selected, from top to bottom, to be placed on the main page. This page allows users to suggest media they would like to see on the main page. To request media, the name of the game, any downloadable content name (if any is included for that specific media) and title of the media must be included, along with a direct YouTube link to the requested media.

For previously featured media, please see Last Level:Former Featured Media.

Rules Edit

This section is subject to change.
  • Only registered users may suggest media.
  • Do not suggest media that is currently being suggested by another user.
  • Users can suggest only one piece of media at a time.
  • For music, the piece must be a minimum of thirty seconds long, however, there is no maximum.

While not required, please state why you voted support/neutral/oppose.

  • Only the most popular suggestion will be placed on the main page, while all other suggestions of the week will be archived.
    • Archived suggestions that did not win can be re-suggested, but try to wait two weeks or so before re-suggesting.

Requests Edit

Last Level asks that all users fill out requests in the same manner:

=== [ ''Name of game'' - Name of media]===, followed by a description on why you believe the media should be put on the main page, and, finally, place your signature, or ~~~~, at the end.

If the media is from a downloadable add-on, please add in the downloadable add-on's name between the game's name and media's name.

Currently Featured Edit

Media Name Suggested by Uploaded by
Golden Sun OST - Mars Lighthouse Wattz2000 PeyserConley

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