Company articles at Last Level feature information regarding the history and production a gaming corporation has had in its years around. The main focus of these articles is its history, however, several lists could be made to help the content of these articles as well.

A basic layout of what a company article may look like in the source can be seen below:

Which results in: (omitting the citations)


Intro paragraph.[1]

History Edit

History on the company.[2]

Consoles Edit

Home consoles Edit

Home consoles will be listed here.[3]

Handheld consoles Edit

Handheld consoles will be listed here.[4]

List of games Edit

Main article: List of games by this company

If a page doesn't need to be made, a small list will appear here.[5]

Gallery Edit

Image of former logos and designs.[6]


Cite notes Edit

  1. This section of the page is to be an introduction to the article. Usually, it's a brief summary of how the company came about, what consoles it has worked on, and/or what it is doing as of late.
  2. The history section of these articles focus on how the company was formed and why. This section is sometimes broken into an entire history of the company broken up by years or decades up to modern times.
  3. This section details a list of each console that has been made by this company.
  4. This section details a list of each console that has been made by this company.
  5. This section is usually small, featuring either one of two previously mentioned methods.
  6. This is a section that should only be used if the article has the images used in the gallery.
  7. Categories should only be added if necessary and are added to a page using the following string: [[Category:"categoryname"]] replacing the "categoryname" variable. See the category policy for further details.

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