Last Level's console articles feature information regarding the console technical specifications, cosmetic features and changes, accessories, as well as the games featured on the console.

A basic layout of what a company article may look like in the source can be seen below:

Which results in: (omitting the citations)


Intro paragraph.[2]

History Edit

History regarding the console.[3]

Technical specifications Edit

This section will be in a list format of various technical specifications of consoles.[4]

Accessories Edit

Accessories of the console.[5]

Redesigns, remodels, replacements Edit

Info on redesigns, remodels, replacements, et cetera will appear here. [6]

Games Edit

Main article: List of games on this console

If the list of games is too small to be its own page, a simple list could be placed here instead.[7]

Gallery Edit

Images of variants, accessories, et cetera.[8]


Cite notes Edit

  1. While the infobox is incomplete now, upon being added to the page the (or at least as many the user can fill) parameters must be filled.
  2. This section of the page is to be an introduction to the article. Usually, it's a brief summary of who made the console, what generation the console was released in and what its competition was/is, and some minor sales information among other things.
  3. The history section of these articles focus on what changes the console has to its predecessor(s), or what wen through with the designing of the console.
  4. Technical specifications of consoles should be in a list featuring information regarding dimensions, voltage, RAM, CPU, storage, et cetera.
  5. This section details each accessory released to be used with the console, no matter how relevant in the industry. Each accessory should get its own Level 3 (=== Title ===)section.
  6. This section is similar to the Accessories section, only this section could feature {{Main}} to redirect to large articles that are too big to be made into a small section.
  7. This section is usually small, featuring either one of two previously mentioned methods.
  8. This is a section that should only be used if the article has the images used in the gallery.
  9. Categories should only be added if necessary and are added to a page using the following string: [[Category:"categoryname"]] replacing the "categoryname" variable. See the category policy for further details.