While game articles feature any factual information on the product, the articles tend to focus on featuring information regarding the actual game's plot and gameplay over the other sections. However, this is up to the authors of the article.

A basic layout of what a game article may look like in the source can be seen below:

Which results in: (omitting the citations)

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Intro paragraph.[2]

Development Edit

History on the game.[3]

Plot Edit

Spoiler warning: significant plot details follow. Please read with caution.

Gameplay Edit

How to play the game.[5]

Modes Edit

Modes (subsection of Gameplay)[6]

Reception Edit

Well, the game's reception.[7]

Gallery Edit

Images of gameplay, box arts (depends on infobox), et cetera.[8]

Categories.[9] Italic title.[10]

Cite notes Edit

  1. While the infobox is incomplete now, upon being added to the page the (or at least as many the user can fill) parameters must be filled.
  2. This section of the page is to be an introduction to the article. Usually, it's a brief summary of what the game is about, what platforms it was released on, some minor development details, et cetera.
  3. This part of the page features information relevant toward the development of the game, usually relevant toward the game's speculation, production, and releases among anything else along the way
  4. The plot section doesn't always contain spoilers. Typically, the plot section is used for a general overview of the game's plot, while a separate "story" section could be the game's story.
  5. A game article's gameplay section focuses on how to play a game. Not just giving control schemes and design, but actual ways to play the game.
  6. The modes subsection of Gameplay features various modes featured in the game such as a 2-player battle mode, or several 1-player modes for practice, storyline, or just random fun.
  7. The reception of a game features only the professional reviews a game received. This section also features other tidbits of information on the game's sales and/or production.
  8. This is a section that should only be used if the article has the images used in the gallery.
  9. Categories should only be added if necessary and are added to a page using the following string: [[Category:"categoryname"]] replacing the "categoryname" variable. See the category policy for further details.
  10. The italic title string is placed after the categories on the page to prevent adding unneeded spacing. To add the italic title to a page use: {{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="font-style:italic;">"gamename"</span>}} replacing the "gamename" variable.

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