Last Level features articles for nearly any game series – old and new. Game series articles take a base from the game and character manuals of style. Series articles focus on each installment of their respective series, dwelling a little in some of its non-canonical installments. Non-game installments should also be mentioned in the respective series article.

A basic layout of what a game article may look like in the source can be seen below:

Which results in: (omitting the citations)


Intro paragraph.[2]

Origin Edit

Some information on the founding of a series or pre-production of its first installment.[3]

Installment 1 Edit

Information on the first installment.[4]

Installment 2 Edit

Information on the second installment.[4]

Et cetera Edit

Information on the next installment and so on.[4]

Gallery Edit

Images of artwork, logos, et cetera.[5]

Categories.[6] Italic title.[7]

Cite notes Edit

  1. While the infobox is incomplete now, upon being added to the page the (or at least as many the user can fill) parameters must be filled.
  2. This section of the page is to be an introduction to the article. Usually, it's a brief summary of what the series is about, what platforms its games were/are released on, some minor development details, et cetera.
  3. This section may be optional and should only feature basic information regarding the people who worked on the beginnings of the series. Possibly a legacy section may follow.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 This section is not for spoilers, and should only contain basic plot details and minor gaming features. Possibly the use of {{Main}} can be placed here.
  5. This is a section that should only be used if the article has the images used in the gallery.
  6. Categories should only be added if necessary and are added to a page using the following string: [[Category:"categoryname"]] replacing the "categoryname" variable. See the category policy for further details.
  7. The italic title string is placed after the categories on the page to prevent adding unneeded spacing. To add the italic title to a page use: {{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="font-style:italic;">"gamename"</span>}} replacing the "gamename" variable.