Last Level offer users who visit a free chance to edit articles they want over any aspect of gaming. As Last Level cannot achieve its goal to become a "first and last stop for all gaming information" alone which is why any person can edit the wiki. However, in order to keep peace and maintain the site, several rules and guidelines have to be made.

As far as Wikia-wide policies goes, it should be mentioned that there are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy. However, there are several local policies that are to be enforced as well. These such policies include minor guidelines users making articles must follow to general user rules.

Please review the below listings of policy pages at Last Level. If a user has a question in regards to the policy of Last Level, please contact a local administrator.

Manual of Style policies Edit

Main article: Last Level:Manual of Style

These pages detail how a page should be structured. Manual of Style pages are put into place so not only can users have a general guideline as to what to put into a page and how it should be done, but also so that type of page has consistency with its kin across the wiki. There are several types of Manual of Style pages and a list can be found below. If this list is missing an item, please feel free to add it in.

In addition to the manual of style of Last Level, the wiki offers other policies that involve the construction of articles. Other policies that involve the creation of new content for the wiki should be placed below:

User rule policies Edit

Users at Last Level are allowed to edit nearly any page they want, however, it is frowned upon by the community to edit maliciously and edit to 'harm the wiki.' User rules are put into place to not only keep the community a clean and welcoming place, but at the same, keep the wiki from degrading in usage and having an influx of users that do not extraneously edit their userspace. A list of policies that fit in this category of policies is below. If this list is missing an item, please feel free to add it in.

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